I started working on this blog after years of being told I need to write and allow people to share in my story. That seemed a little limiting to me, and plus – who wants to read just about me? Not me. I slowly started to come up with some ideas and eventually decided to just go for it and start writing. This blog isn’t meant to be anything more than my random thoughts on random days; it’s my toolkit to practice writing in a public arena and to build my knowledge and understanding of blogging through trial-and-error.

The title of the blog, The Intentional Families, was inspired by what I aspire to live: I desire a beautiful, loving family that is very intentional about our life. Little did I realize, because I live in a very small bubble, that “intentional” is the keyword of the century.

When I’m asked, “who are you?” or “how do you describe yourself?” I have three main response: I’m a daughter of God, His beloved child; I’m Ryan’s wife and the mother of our son. I’m a labradoodle lover, a Lake Tahoe-enthusiast, an avid traveller (admittedly less so since having my son!), an entrepreneur and a former cloistered nun.

Let’s find our purpose together and live it with enthusiasm and joy, hoping and loving intentionally and choosing to create the lives we were born to live!

With my love and prayers,



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